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Upgrade Your Thermostat Between Seasons!

By mccoyheatin59118042, Apr 6 2018 06:02PM

As temps finally start to creep out of the "cold" range, it is the perfect time to consider a thermostat upgrade. Yours has likely been firmly set to heat for several months now. Make sure to switch over to the cooling option as soon as warming the house is no longer necessary.

What type of thermostat do you currently have? Consider a programmable thermostat upgrade if you do not have this convenient and cost-effective piece of equipment in your home. Easily control the temperature of your space whether it's day or night, whether you're headed to work or to bed. In addition, a smart thermostat could offer greater operational control and energy savings. These can be operated remotely with an iPhone or Android device and can offer an energy savings of up to 35%! By establishing zones in your home, you can acommodate for unused rooms, a member of the family that is always hot or cold or the occasional party that might generate a large temperature variance.

Regardless of what thermostat you currently have, due to the extended blocks of temperate weather, early spring or early fall is the best time to make a transition. Mother nature lets your hvac system take break! Call us if you have any questions about the features and benefits of a programmable or smart thermostat that would be right for your home.

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